As you may, or may not know, we have extended the size of our garden a bit into our neighbour's land. We asked if we could buy a piece and it was perfectly fine. Good! This week we had a fence put up and it looks great, we are so happy with it. All of a sudden our garden gives a lot more play room on the side that we use the most. We have a big plot, but most of the garden is in the shade, but now we have more space on the sunny side and will be able to plan and enjoy this piece of land a lot more. 
On other notes: Only three weeks and a few days left until due date. I'm constantly thinking about when the baby will arrive...early? On time? Late? I hope on time. With the amount of pre labour or "false" contraction I'm having already it shoulnt be too late. But I remember having a lot of those with Noah too...although I don't remember when they started to become more intense, I think it was more around 38-39 weeks...
Noah is enjoying being back at nursery, but he is so exhausted at the end of the day now, haha. I love the fact that he already has a "best friend" that he loves to play with and I'm definately going to let him be there at 15 hours a week after the baby has arrived. He is such a social kid, he needs the play time!

Back to work etc

I'm back to work now. A week and a half and I'm already really tired, but I guess it's the same no matter what I do. I'm getting a lot of braxton hicks contractions and prelabour contractions and I'm feeling the pressure of the baby now. Another "pain" is the constant eye migraines I'm suffering right now. No head ache, but annoying "loss of eye sight". It comes and goes all within thirty minutes, but it isn't very nice. 
Anyway, here is the continuation of our summer 2017!
Of course we've had a few play dates with friends, and Julia is the most frequent one.
They even started holding hands! So super cute.
One of the summer highlights has of course been the wild berries!
I've basically been trying to make sure we've spent as much time as possible out doors. Whether it be just walking down the path, picking berries, or going to the beach or visiting the playground. I believe children are best to play outside.
The first week of August we went to Norrköping to visit the big zoo Kolmården. It was a nice juorney and event hough the zoo area was rather hilly and difficult for me to walk around we had a great day!
They had a little amusement park as well for the younger children, so Noah got to go on a few rides. It was a very exciting day for such a little child and he was exhausted by the end of it. Still, he refused to sleep the entire car ride home (4 hours!) and crashed as soon as we came home at around 22.30 in the evening. 
That's basically most of our summer holiday summed up. Now we have about 3,5 more weeks to go before we get some time off again, if everything goes to plan. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have to go too many days past the due date this time, but you never know...

Fortsättning sommar 2017

My first week of holiday me, mum and Noah went to Karlstad to visit my grandmother who turned 91 on July 11th. We rented a cabin down by the "beach" of Sweden's largest lake Vänern and Noah just loved playing on the beach. He was running around in the shallow waters, digging in the sand and loved the playground that was there. The weather wasn't great but it could have been much worse. On our last day in Karlstad we went to a different location to swim in the lake and we had a really strange and uncomfortable experience. A group of Chinese tourists came to the beach and saw Noah playing there. He didn't have any clothes on and all of a sudden they all sorruonded us, taking photos of Noah and me and stood in a circle around us. I felt like a moneky in a cage and it was not very nice. Noah seemed to think it was very odd and didn't really know how to behave. Ah, well....
When we came home we had a few days of nice weather and Noah played in the garden on his slide.
And on his trampoline that we got for free off a colleague of mine who was moving down to Malmö.
The weather this summer hasn't been that great, but a few summer days have given us the chance to visit the beach. Me and mum took Noah to Tönnersa beach which is just as nice as Tylösand, but with literally no people. At the most we must have shared the area with 6-8 people. Such a lovely spot for Noah to run around around and play freely without us having to worry.
And then all of a sudden it was a certain someone's second birthday. It was amazing to see how happy and appreciative he was of all his gifts (and of cake!). Every time he was given a new gift to open he exclaimed a loud "oh wooowww!" and opened it with great anticipation. For every toy he was just as happy as the one before but the favourites on the day were definately the big red sit-on tractor he was given by uncle Micke. But he has played with and enjoyed all of the toys he got on his birthday and he is such a careful child with them (most of the time). 
Now I'm going to have to stop again because it's late and I go back to work tomorrow. So I'll upload more photos as soon as I can. Good night :)