Tråkigt väder

Vi har haft väldigt tråkigt väder de senaste fem dagarna, och inte särskilt mycket lust och ork att gå ut.
Och jag försöker fota barnen, men antingen är de inte på humör, eller får jag inte rätt på fokus. Nåväl.
Chris har börjar jobba på Umai nu, och jag har haft en hel del dagar och kvällar själv med barnen. Det har gått bra, men varit tufft när båda barnen gråter och behöver mig. De absolut svåraste situationerna för mig är matlagning och av- och påklädning i samband med utgång. Mamma har hjälpt mig ibland med att komma över. Ett par gångfer har vi gått på promenad runt sjön. Det är viktigt för mig att barnen kommer ut, men är lite svår motiverad till att ta ut dem själv.
Noah har börjat hantera hela storebrorsrollen väldigt väl. Han är så snäll mot Leo, pussar och kramar honom när han är ledsen och försöker ge honom nappen.
Han har dock sovit oroligt på senaste och därför har Chris varit väldigt trött. I fredags gick vi ut klockan 8 på morgonen och "sågade" i trädgården för att låta Chris sova lite längre. Jag har ju tur och har en liten bebis som knappt vaknar mer än 2 gånger varje natt.
Nu är vi dock alla lite förkylda, och Leo har svårt att amma då hans näsa är täppt. Jag ger honom koksaltlösning och bröstmjölk i näsan och det hjälper lite, men inte helt. Det är synd om honom, stackarn.
Imorgon är Noah på förskolan igen, kanske kan jag hinna fixa och pyssla lite här hemma då. Vi får se!

Big brother

The other day Noah asked to hold the baby. Look at his face! So proud. He finds it hard to have to share mummy so much, and sometimes that frustration turns into random biting or hitting moments - normally close to bedtime when he is becoming tired. But otherwise he is a good brother. He cuddles with Leo, gives him the pacifier when he cries, rocks him when he is in the carseat (on the floor) and likes to help changing his nappy.
So far, Leo is a very content baby. Three weeks old on Tuesday and he mostly sleeps still. He is starting to become more awake and he loves to spend his awake time face to face, talking. When you talk to him he listens carefully, almost like a puppy, turning his head from side to to side as if to tune in to what you're saying. His eyes go wide open when you talk in different voices, cklick your tongue or do other noises. He loves it. He cries mostly when he is hungry and we haven't had many hours unconsolable cries.
Somethingelse that he likesis going for walks. He sleeps easily in the pram and seems to enjoy being outside. It is fine, because the rest of us do too. Noah likes the leaves, twigs and pine-needles on the ground and I enjoy the pretty views. We've had terrible weather the last week, but a few sunny days thankfully.
I don't feel ready for the darkness and the cold though. Summer went by way too quick and with too few sunny, warm days. How come summer always felt like an eternity as a child, but now it feels like a short week?
Anyway, it's a new week tomorrow. Hopefully we get more sunny days so we can go outside!


So small

It's amazing and quite scary that he is already starting to grow out of this "new born" look. At least to me. The little squished face is looking rounder and smoother, his eyes are bigger and brighter and the size 50 clothes are already starting to feel just a little tight. Babies grow too fast, can someone stop the time?
Two weeks old today and so far he has been a very content baby without much fuss, except for tonight when he cried for about 1½ is stressful, and even moreso when Noah gets anxious because of it.. Ah well, babies tend to cry a lot in the evenings so it's best to just get used to it.
Last week we had some nice weather and Noah stayed at home with us all week to get some time to settle in with our new family member. We spent quite some time outside, playing in the garden and going for walks while Chris cleared some more of the fallen trees.
It has been a hard time for Noah to suddenly lose so much of my attention. The first few days he tried to push Leo off my lap and was rather rowdy in order to get attention. He can still be. But he seems to have gotten more used to his little baby brother and he evenasks to hold him now. Last night when Leo was crying, Noah tried to soothe him by reading him a book, which was super cute!
One of our biggest challenges right now is to remember that Noah is still very small, and to not put too much expectations on him behaving well and orderly all the time. He is only 2 years old, and that's a very tough age to become an older sibling. Not old enough yet to understand all the changes, but big enough for parents to expect a lot. We must remeber to lower our demands on him. That doesn't mean permit everything, but to have some understanding and empathy. Much of his "misbehaviour" right now comes down to only one thing: not wanting to feel left out. 
I'm very happy that Chris is able to be at home a lot more now, I don't if I could have coped otherwise!