As you may, or may not know, we have extended the size of our garden a bit into our neighbour's land. We asked if we could buy a piece and it was perfectly fine. Good! This week we had a fence put up and it looks great, we are so happy with it. All of a sudden our garden gives a lot more play room on the side that we use the most. We have a big plot, but most of the garden is in the shade, but now we have more space on the sunny side and will be able to plan and enjoy this piece of land a lot more. 
On other notes: Only three weeks and a few days left until due date. I'm constantly thinking about when the baby will arrive...early? On time? Late? I hope on time. With the amount of pre labour or "false" contraction I'm having already it shoulnt be too late. But I remember having a lot of those with Noah too...although I don't remember when they started to become more intense, I think it was more around 38-39 weeks...
Noah is enjoying being back at nursery, but he is so exhausted at the end of the day now, haha. I love the fact that he already has a "best friend" that he loves to play with and I'm definately going to let him be there at 15 hours a week after the baby has arrived. He is such a social kid, he needs the play time!